Swaziland Glass Factory Review

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Swaziland glass factory is one of the country’s oldest factories that were established back in the 70’s (1979). This review (Swaziland glass factory review) will give you more information about this factory.

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Workers at Ngwenya Glass Factory

Firstly the Swaziland glass factory review will highlight the fact that the glass used to produce the different products is recycled glass. The aim of this factory is to conserve the environment. They use the old glass to make decorative glass animals that can be used in the house for decoration.

The reason that the place is called Ngwenya (crocodile) is because it is next to mountains that resemble the body of a crocodile. If you want to go to this place, you can use Google maps. Here you will have to input the town where you will be driving from to the factory.

After putting the place (in this case, Ngwenya glass factory) into the search box of the Google map, you will see that you would have to drive in the MR3 road from Mbabane to Ngwenya. The drive is approximately 16.4 km from Mbabane to the factory. You can get off the MR3 road when you arrive at ramp3 inscribed “Ngwenya village”. Then turn right at the stop sign then follow signs to Ngwenya glass.

Products made


A wide range of products are produced in this factory, from tableware and gift sets to African animals. They make some cups/drinking glasses that can be used in the house. You can even ask them to make you a customized gift set that you can give to your loved ones.

The African animals set usually includes the animals that are found in Africa. They also have the big five. You can go to Ngwenya glass to view some of the things that I am talking about.

Where to buy

If you want to buy an extra large warthog, you will have to go to pure Swazi. This is a glass warthog weighing about 2.340kg’s, 105mm high by 65mm wide by 200mm long. The costs run up to approximately R301.00, making it about $44.80.

Other products that you can consider are; Bremers Cognac Snifter which is exclusive and elegant. It holds up to 600ml, weighing 0810kg’s. You can buy it for about R84.00 or $12.50.

When you are coming to Swaziland, you can go to see this ‘work’ of African artists. You can even buy a glass that you can take back with you. There is no reason for you to return to your motherland without having checked out this place.


  • Ngwenya gets its name from the mountain because it resembles the body of a crocodile
  • They make a range of products with categories being tableware, gift sets and African animals
  • You can buy at the pure Swazi store
  • The prices are also low

Additional information

Whilst in the factory, you can relax in their coffee shop. This is where light meals are served. If you happen to bring your children, you do not have to worry as to where they are going to play. There is a park where the young ones can play. And if you are worried about the operation days, they are open seven days a week.

Other sited to consider

Ngwenya glass

You will get to know how this glass factory hires people and where it is located if you want to visit it.

Ngwenya glass factory

This place will give you details on the things you can expect to find at the factory.

The Inception of Ngwenya Glass

Here you will get the history of the factory, how it started, when it started and how it got to be what it is today.


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