Phophonyane Falls Nature Reserve Review

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Phophonyane Falls Nature Reserve is a revitalizing stunning natural beauty amid the tumbling waterfalls and green forests of Phophonyane. This romantic hideaway is located in the mountainous landscape of Piggs Peak, Swaziland. The reserve is ideal for nature lovers, people who want to experience nature’s green paradise and peace, away from all the noisiness of urban areas.

Why Visit Phophonyane Falls Nature Reserve

Phophonyane Falls sits where the elements of Highveld, Middleveld and Lowveld join. Therefore, you can easily see the reserve natural state with all the elements diverting in the 500 hectares properly. In addition, the landscape and view make the river to flow then tumble down a hundred meters displaying rainbow colors pouring pools of shutters on the rocks and nearby spectators. Apart from the spectacle, Phophonyane falls; you can visit the campsite gardens and inhale the tropical and tranquility atmosphere.

2Accommodation and Bookings

Phophonyane Fall plus Lodge is located within the spacious 500 hectors garden, surrounded by the running streams, ponds and waterways. Accommodation caters for a maximum number of 28 guests with a-la-carte Driftwood restaurant offering spacious menus. There are luxury beehive huts offering fantastic valley views: self-catering, well-catered cottages overlooking the Gobolondo Mountains and lastly the camp tents, tucked in the nature reserve above the river.

Bookings are very affordable and open from Monday to Sunday. The beehive, which sleeps two to three people, costs about R970. The cottage 1 and 2 with five people costs around R900 and then cottage 3 with two people costs about R850. Tent 1to 4 with three people sharing costs about R 645 per person; tent 5 costs around R710 and sleeps three people. For holidays and other booking activities, you can visit You can also get in touch with them on their Facebook page .

Phophonyane Nature Reserve Activities and Attractions Offered

This exotic little tropical habitant features some of the best activities not available in most lodges. Activities include:

  • Swimming in the pool rocks near the Phophonyane fall valley.
  • Taking a walk along the breath-taking trials leading to the waterfalls and looking up the 240 bird species as well as looking out for the scarlet emerald feathered narina trogon.
  • Partaking in small game hunts e.g. the red duiker and bushbuck.
  • A drive on the 4×4, venturing historical Bushmen paintings and exploring the Gobolondlo Mountains.
  • Taking a day trip to the Kruger National Park, which is about 70km away Phophonyane falls.


Nearby Phophonyane falls nature reserve attractions, there is a canoe trip at the stunning Maguga Dam; hiking trials at Malolotja; gambling, mountain biking, gym, squash and horse riding at Orion Pigg’s Peak Hotel and Casino; Bulembu trails and Mondi forests.  There is no place like Phophonyane Falls and their friendly staff.


  • Phophonyane Falls is situated north-west of Swaziland and covers about 500 hectors.
  • It sits where the acetone elements of Highveld, Middleveld and Lowelved meet.
  • The nature reserve holds outstanding sights and landscapes, hence clearly displaying the Phophonyane River, which tumbles down several hundred meters in a sequence of cascades and rock pools.
  • Accommodation at the lodge caters for 28 people. Rooms available include cottages, beehive huts and camp tents.
  • You can have breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Driftwood restaurant.
  • You can partake in different activities e.g. small game for the red duiker.
  • Phophonyane is also nearby a number of attraction centers.

Additional Information

At Phophonyane Falls and Lodge, there are other several facilities and services offered. They include internet access, parking space, and braai area, bar, and library. Dining facilities include breakfast, lunch and dinner served on the restaurant premises.

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