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This page has a list of facts about Swaziland. With Swaziland being a small kingdom within the African continent, it happens to be an interestingly amazing place to visit or live in. If you are interested in finding out a basic few things about Swaziland, just go through the brief below.map_of_swaziland

Basic Facts about Swaziland


Amongst the many things you might have to know about this country, you should also know that:

  • This country is a monarchy which means it is ruled by a King, currently ruled by His Majesty King Mswati III.
  • Swaziland is considered one of the smallest countries in its region, with a population of 2 million.
  • Closest countries to Swaziland are South Africa and Mozambique. Swaziland has border gates with these two countries.
  • The railways of Swaziland are around 301 km.
  • Swaziland is landlocked which is why it has never had a professional suffer.
  • The number of people who use cell phones in this country is much higher, probably six times higher than the number of those who use landline telephones.
  • Swaziland is a small country as it covers 200km from north to south and it is 130km across.
  • The Swazi kingdom try is also known as kaNgwane.

Some of the basic facts about Swaziland can be viewed from and

What Goes Around In Swaziland

With regards to governing, Swaziland is an absolute monarchy with its first constitution tht was signed on August 2005.This constitution clearly states that opposition or political parties are not allowed as the King will always have ultimate power over the country. Swaziland has a king, queen and prime minister together with other government officials who help in governing the country.

Additionally, Swaziland is a country that follows culture. It is very dedicated and loyal to all its ancestors, cultures and customs. There are many traditional events of this country. These events have different meanings and significances. Some of these occasions or celebrated festivals are namely:

  • Incwala
  • Traditional annual reed dance
  • Marula festival

The people together with the Swazi nation were named after king Mswati II. There is cold climate temperature in the west part of this country and in summer the country usually experiences rain. The first language of Swaziland is the siSwati language and English is used as the second language. The economy of Swaziland is controlled by or largely based on agriculture, manufacturing and service industry.

Learning More about Swaziland

Swaziland is a definite country to visit, you sure want to visit Swaziland. Worth noting, is that you can use the South African currency, the rand.  Since the above is just part of the list of facts about Swaziland, Info Please is another place to make use of in getting more knowledge on the Swazi kingdom.


  • Swaziland is a monarchy which means it is ruled by a king.
  • Swazi people are allowed to use any religion they are suitable with.
  • The Swazi people are of different genies and some of them come from many different nationalities.
  • Swaziland is one of the few remaining kingdoms worldwide.
  • Visiting Swaziland could be the best thing you have ever done as its one of the most interesting countries in the world.


Additional Information

The Swazi people are allowed to use any religion they want. The common religions you would come across in this country are the:

  1. Christianity which is 82.70% of the country’s population
  1. Islam which occupies 0.95%
  1. Baha’i Faith 0.5%
  1. Hinduism 0.15%


Other Sites to Consider

This is a place which will allow you to download a system that could let you get updated quick facts about Swaziland’s people, government, economy, geography, military, communications, transportation and other things that have to do with this country.

If you are planning on visiting Swaziland, you might have to visit this place in getting to view a list of accommodation places to use whilst in this country.

This is a site which will also give you facts about Swaziland.


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